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Believing that the child’s life and health is the most valuable treasure for all of us, we would like to make you empathic to the fate of Petar and Viktoria who are children affected by an insidious disease.

It was received in the Regional Administration of Ruse City a letter by Neli Radeva, the aunt of the nine-month old twins from Popovo who are diagnosed with infantile cerebral paralysis as well as strabism. In addition the baby Petar suffers from epilepsy (West syndrome).

Their mother Petya Nedelcheva says that they are long waited and desired babies but unfortunately they have many health issues:

"Vicky is wearing glasses for improvement of her vision. We carry out rehabilitation twice or three times a day, she is learning how to crawl on a special rehabilitation board. Peshi has fits /convulsions/ every day (the baby Petar also has epilepsy). For that reason he is behind with his development and now he is like a one-month old baby. We are not allowed to make rehabilitation to fight against the infantile cerebral paralysis until the fits stop.  And for the purpose of handling the fits, he takes drugs, which additionally suppress the nervous system and the problem with his development worsens. We visited for consultation many medical doctors, associate professors and professors in Bulgaria but unfortunately their efforts are unsuccessful.  The next step, which we may take is to seek treatment abroad“.

At present the family considers different opportunities for the treatment of the children abroad but according to the preliminary information, which they receive from different clinics, the price will be unaffordable for them.

Relatives, friends and volunteers have started a campaign to support the young family from Popovo with different initiatives and every additional help, and every gesture of moral and most of all financial aid in this severe battle is a ray of hope for improvement of the condition of their children. Every parent wants to ensure for their child a better and more secure life. The biggest happiness for a mother and a father is seeing their child growing up calm, happy and healthy.

The Regional Administration of Ruse expresses its unreserved support for the cause of Peshi and Vicky! We are convinced that we – the citizens of Ruse are empathic to the pain of the others and have the will to relieve the human distress.

As a regional governor of the Region of Ruse and most of all as a parent I appeal to all who have the willingness and the good faith to help because through our mercy we will give hope to one Bulgarian family and will show them that they are not alone in this difficult situation!

If you are not able to support this initiative financially, I sincerely hope that you will distribute the information about this good initiative and will bring it to the knowledge of a wider circle of people.

I believe that we will show our kindness as Mother Theresa says:  "Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.“


Information: Funds for the treatment of Petar and Viktoriya may be donated to the following bank account:

Petya Ivanova Nedelcheva


IBAN BG20BPBI79434076617901  BGN

Or through PayPal to the following user’s account:

Additional information is available on Facebook  Да помогнем на Пеши и Вики (Helping Peshi and Vicky)




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