The Austrian ambassador welcomes the idea of a carbon-free settlement

Tue 06 Mar 2012

The Regional governor Stefko Burdzhiev met with his Excellency the Austrian ambassador to Bulgaria Gerhard Reiweger today.    Also present at the meeting were the MP Meglena Plugchieva, whose invitation brought the diplomat to Ruse, the deputy mayor Strahil Karapchanski, responsible for the sustainable development and the European integration of Ruse and the deputy provost of the Ruse University doc. Yuliana Popova.

Mister Burdzhiev expressed his readiness to assist any potential Austrian investors in their opening of new manufacturing facilities in Ruse and the region and underlined the fact that currently there is only one such Austrian facility in the Ruse free zone. The Regional governor introduced the Austrian diplomat to the project regarding the construction of a carbon-free settlement within the boundaries of the Ruse region.

His Excellency the Austrian ambassador defined the energy efficiency topic as one of great importance and added that the Austrian diplomatic mission is actively involved in it. He gave the city of Güssing, located in Southeast Austria, as an example of a settlement, where most of the buildings are energy efficient. Mister Reiweger stated his readiness to help with the organization of a trip for the Bulgarian team responsible for the carbon-free settlement to the city of Güssing, in order for them to gain some first hand experience from the local authorities.

Mister Burdvzhiev expressed his gratitude for the invitation and reassured the Austrian ambassador that all the necessary steps will be taken in order for that visit to occur. Furthermore, he underscored the important contribution of the Ruse university in both the planning of the carbon-free settlement and its future construction.

The Austrian diplomat invited the Governor of Ruse to the concerts and performances dedicated to the Austrian music weeks, which will take place in the middle of May. Mister Reiweger noted that these cultural activities not only promote the Austrian culture, but also provide a solid basis for business and commercial contacts. He also explored the possibilities for the Austrian province of Lower Saxony and the Bulgarian region of Ruse to revitalize and deepen their ties as Danube regions. Such a rappro      chement will enable the exchange of ideas and know-how in the sphere of tourism and will help with the utilization of the river potential to its full extend.

The meeting was concluded with an exchange of protocol gifts. Mister Burdzhiev presented His Excellency Reiweger with an album, which contains photographs of the cross-border Bulgarian - Romanian region, supplemented by explanatory notes in four languages. Being a part of the TOURNET Bulgarian – Romanian project, it depicts the possibilities for tourism along the Danube. In turn, mister Reiweger presented mister Burdzhiev with the best New Year performances of the Austrian philharmonic, stored in a stylish CD.




Regional Administration of Ruse
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