Today a diplomat from the U.S. embassy in Sofia presented the humanitarian assistance program of the U.S. department of defence in Ruse

Tue 24 Jan 2012

Today, the chief of the Office of Defence Cooperation Commander Mark Imblum presented the Humanitarian assistance program of the U.S. Department of Defence. The meeting took place within the framework of a discussion, organized by the Regional Administration of Rousse region. Among the attendees were the regional governor of Rousse Stefko Burdzhiev, the regional governor of Razgrad Valentin Vasilev M.D., and the regional governor of Veliko Turnovo docent Pencho Penchev. Among the other guests were the deputy -regional governor of Veliko Turnovo Lyubomira Popova, the deputy- mayor for sustainable development and European integration of Rousse Strahil Karapchanskiand mayors and members of the regional and municipal administrations from the regions, which constitute the Northern Central District, namely Rousse, Razgrad, Silistra, Veliko Turnovo and Gabrovo. Moreover, the presentation attracted a respectable number of representatives from the central government’s local offices, as well as members from numerous NGOs from all over the Northern Central Region.

I am certain that the information which is about to be released will be of exceptional utility for all the attendees, for the current priorities of the Humanitarian Assistance program are partnerships with municipalities and NGOs , crisis management, education and underprivileged youth assistance. These were the opening words of the Regional Governor Stefko Burdzhiev.

The program for Humanitarian assistance is active in Bulgaria since 1996. Towards December 2011, the invested money approximates 7 million USD.  For the last two years, the program has successfully completed 21 different projects, estimated at 1.317 875 USD. The program’s activities are financed and administrated by a special Fund for humanitarian aid for civilians of third countries during crises. 




Regional Administration of Ruse
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